Keith Erickson Art

Game Gal 001 - Bea

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I finally have time to draw now so hopefully I can start posting more here soon because I’m super rusty and I need to draw as much as possible. Going to start by restarting my Game Gal series. This time instead of random characters I’m going to draw ones from games I’m currently playing.

First up is Bea from Lunar Knights, an awesome non Metal Gear Kojima game for DS.

G 006 - Jessica Rabbit

G 005 Samus

G 004 Bliss Barson from Cryamore

G 003

L 002 - Artisans Home: Spyro The Dragon

Went through and played the Spyro Trilogy on PS1 this last year. Really fun games, I even took the time to 100% collect everything.

G 002

L 001

G 001

Quick Squigly portrait for some painting practice.