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Typing up some design docsĀ 


Some portrait drawin

to-do list for the year
  • Draw more
  • Make progress on my gameĀ 
  • Quit my non-art job and make art monies
  • Start reading books again
  • Finish some of the games I own before I buy more

I will be re-blogging this when add new things or accomplish them!

SCR 001 - Bulma

Decided to do one of those redraw meme thingies. I used her colors and clothes from the manga though, I think they looked better.

Thanks dude! Id like to think I’ve been putting in more work and effort lately, but its hard gauge ones self improvement. Just hope I can keep at it this time, haven’t been so good with that in the past. Feel like I have lots of catching up to do. Catching up to what though I don’t know.

Best Final Fantasy games in years.

Club Nintendo Game Case

New drawing of Kara, because I need to spend more time working on my own stuff :P

G 006 - Jessica Rabbit