Keith Erickson Art

Eliza is out today finally! Here are 2 animations I cleaned up for the game

Game Gal 001 - Bea

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I finally have time to draw now so hopefully I can start posting more here soon because I’m super rusty and I need to draw as much as possible. Going to start by restarting my Game Gal series. This time instead of random characters I’m going to draw ones from games I’m currently playing.

First up is Bea from Lunar Knights, an awesome non Metal Gear Kojima game for DS.

2 move concepts I sketched out for Eliza in skullgirls, I called the 2nd one Ra-ging Demon (lols). Wish I had drawn more, but I was a bit busy at the time

Cleaning up Eliza

Big Band is out today on PC and PS3 ( and hopefully soon on 360)! Here are some of the moves for him I did cleanup on, Block Stand Mid Hit and Crouch Parry.

Typing up some design docsĀ 


Some portrait drawin

to-do list for the year
  • Draw more
  • Make progress on my gameĀ 
  • Quit my non-art job and make art monies
  • Start reading books again
  • Finish some of the games I own before I buy more

I will be re-blogging this when add new things or accomplish them!

SCR 001 - Bulma

Decided to do one of those redraw meme thingies. I used her colors and clothes from the manga though, I think they looked better.